Children’s Pool Sidewalk Beautification Project


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The City of San Diego will soon construct a new lifeguard tower at the Children’s Pool to protect swimmers and welcome all who treasure the ocean. But improvements to the surrounding walkway are not part of the lifeguard tower project and will require community support. So local citizens have acted in a project sponsored by La Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc., to redesign and rebuild this site. A private donation supported this design, which was thoroughly vetted by a public workshop and media publicity. Landscape architect Jim Neri’s design for this project, “Beautification of Coast Boulevard at the Children’s Pool,” widens the main walkway, adds a secondary overlook, enhances seating, guides pedestrian access through teardrop double-seating walls, provides a planting barrier along the low bluffside wall to add safety without obstructing views, and extends neighborhood planting designs. Accurate education about the sealife is an achievable goal. Five civic organizations recommend this plan, which rebuilds the only portion of Coast Boulevard never before improved. The estimated cost is $250,000 but only if we act now to combine both construction projects.

Here, visitors come from all over the world for its beauty, inspiration and sense of freedom. This front door of the La Jolla community can resume its former glory and future promise. Our goals:

Your contribution can build it now!

Contact:  LJPB President,  Dan Allen, 858.245.1586,

LJPB Beautification Committee: Phyllis Minick, 858 459 5939,

La Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc, P.O. Box 185, La Jolla CA 92038

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