Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Park


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The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Park (PARK) is a 5.6-acre
park bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the village of La Jolla.
Gently sloping toward bluffs, tidepools, and beaches, the PARK
is primarily an open-space, landscaped environment heavily used
by local residents and visitors from around the world. From its
beginning in 1887, the PARK has been the centerpiece of La
Jolla, undergoing, along the way, changes and transformations.
But its significance extends further. The spectacular dynamic
shoreline, including world-famous La Jolla Cove, and its offshore
waters, are a recreational, environmental and ecological resource
of worldwide importance.

Located within a major urban center, the PARK is increasingly
subject to the impact of heavy use and concerns for its continuing
preservation and enhancement have grown in recent years. In
1989, a Preliminary Coastal Plan was created by the La Jolla
Town Council and has been used by other community groups
such as the Community Planning Association and La Jolla Park
and Recreation, Inc. Although this Plan made specific
recommendations pertinent to the coastline around the Park, it
concluded that the PARK itself merited more detailed analysis
and planning within the framework of “a clear visionary master
plan.” However, no action was taken until 2001 when the Scripps
Park Project (SPP), a group of interested local citizens, adopted
as its mission “develop and implement a long-term
comprehensive plan to preserve, restore, and enhance Ellen
Browning Scripps Memorial Park, incorporating extensive
community involvement.” As part of this effort, the SPP
conducted significant research related to the PARK’s history,
development and usage. The findings of this research are the
content of Scripps Park Then and Now – A Cultural Landscape
and Usage Patterns Report. It has served as a foundation for
planning and public processes as well as the Plan itself.

Following a fund-raising effort that drew individual and group
donations as well as grant support, a public workshop was held
on November 18-19, 2005. Approximately seventy persons
heard presentations, toured the PARK, completed
questionnaires, and engaged in table discussions culminating in
the expression of their concerns about the PARK and ideas for its
future. From this process a park planning consulting firm,
Campbell & Campbell, provided a report containing
recommendations for the PARK that, in its view, best addressed
the values expressed by the workshop participants. This
consultant’s report was subject to several public meetings and a
great deal of local media coverage and attention. Responses
were then considered and some revisions made. The most
significant of these pertained to the recommendation by the
consultant to move the Bridge Club, a PARK facility, in order to
improve views. In light of many negative responses, SPP
decided against pursuing this proposal. The following Plan is the
result of these processes and outlines important steps that
should be taken to provide continuing stewardship of the PARK
into the future.

The Scripps Park Plan promotes four fundamental objectives

  1. Recognition that the site is an integral part of a larger coastal setting and experiences unique natural processes while providing abundant leisure and recreational opportunities.
  2. Careful preservation, restoration and enhancement of the PARK are required.
  3. Local PARK use and development processes must be given thoughtful guidance.
  4. Resources must be dedicated to help fund maintenance.

Please read about the Scripps Park Plan by clicking on the link: HERE

A pdf of the park plan can be seen by clicking on the link:  Scripps Park Plan City Approved Final 2010

Scripps Park Plan City Approved Final 2010